If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat

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Fuck her until she cums, after that continue to fuck her. Anonymous (via dogbitedog)

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How white girls dance when they see their black ex in the club


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Q: @Ascendedbeing ; ) Peace to the Goddess

And likewise :))

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Q: 1-16


1: Yes, there is a man in my life, but idk just how serious it is yet
2: yes I’ve forgiven the last person who hurt me
3: the word “meow” makes me think of a freaky woman
4: something I really want right now are plane tickets to a country of my choice
5: no I’m not afraid of falling in love. I want it actually
6: yes I love the beach
7: yes I’ve slept on a couch with someone else
8: my phone background is a picture of pineapples
9: I don’t get the question
10: yes I love my phone
11: *already answered
12: A guy I met at a bar
13: poodle
14: *already answered
15: Art museum definitely
16: No I am not tired

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Q: 11,14

11- Are things going the way you planned?

I try to not plan anything in my life anymore because they usually don’t go as planned.

14- which is worse, physical or emotional pain?

Emotional pain definitely hurts more

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